“When I started this journey I had expectations of weight loss and general better health. And although I have met those expectations something better has happened. With the right foods, my body is thriving. I feel better. There was a time when I felt like giving up. My friends and family beg me to persevere. At that point there really was no turning back no matter how much I wanted to. My taste buds had changed. With healthy eating came a change in tastes. I could now taste the chemicals in a lot of the foods I used to love. Sugar was no longer my friend or comforter. It made me feel tight and strange, simply off. I quickly learned food is fuel for my body. I used to eat for pleasure. Now I eat for fuel. I choose foods that feed my body, which gives me the energy to fuel my soul. Before this journey, I rarely exercised. I was sleeping my life away. Now I am up with the dawn and running full speed into whatever life throws at me. Although it has not always been easy, I would take this journey again. What a gift it has been for me and my family. They eat better now too.”