“I have been working with Megan for several months. At first, it was a weight loss goal that prompted to me reach out for your services. I had just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I really wanted to create as healthy of a diet as possible to maintain my overall health. I am a very active person who already follows a pretty strict diet. In working with Megan I started to become more open with her and explained many digestive and GI issues I have suffered from for several years as well as steady weight gain despite years of strict diet and a lot of exercise. She has worked with me, actually listened to me and believed me when I told her my symptoms and lifestyle and has actually come up with testing for things that no doctor had ever done. After years of trying to talk to my doctors about my symptoms and issues and not being listened to or just shrugged off I had all but given up hope. Megan has provided me with not only hope but tools to address the issues and has walked me through every step. She has even reached out to my Dr. on my behalf. I now feel like I’m on a path to understanding what has been happening in my body for years. Megan not only communicates so well during our sessions, but she truly puts thought into every session we have. She thoughtfully answers questions, gives food suggestions, supplement suggestions and genuinely seems to want to see me succeed and be healthy. Even though I am still working on resolutions to my health issues, I am so much further ahead than I have been in years. I really feel like she has put me on a path to success and good overall health. Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough.”