“Gut-related issues have plagued me my entire life- IBS, food intolerances, skin eruptions, stubborn weight gain, headaches, dental complications, anxiety, mood swings…the list goes on. It got to the point that everyday decisions, travel ideas, and even career choices were being determined by my gut health. I was desperate for answers and solutions. Within weeks of working with Erica, my outlook changed from desperation to hopeful. She methodically and persistently addressed one issue after another. When something didn’t work, she approached it another way. She is knowledgeable and stays current with recent research. Her documentation has changed the course of action of my other medical professionals. She is motivating, honest, and patient. Best of all, she is a true scientist. Thank you, Erica. It is because of you that my daily activities and my future plans are limitless. I can eat at restaurants, travel without worry and just generally feel good on a daily basis. It is because of you that my outlook has changed from desperate to hopeful to excited.”