“I’ve been working with Sarah since September 2021 and see her once a week. What a positive experience it has been for me. Sarah has taught me how to eat properly with portion control, how to keep track of the food going into my body as far as fiber, sugars, proteins, carbs, etc., and how to meal plan. My goal was to lose some pounds to feel better about my appearance, however, I feel so much better physically as well, which is amazing! She has guided me in an exercise regime as well which is something I was always doing but needed more support with. One big thing Sarah got me to do was give up my love of Diet Coke. I am no longer dependent on Diet Coke which I’ve been drinking for well over 20 years. I can have it occasionally and not feel like I ‘need’ it. I’m thankful Sarah has been brought into my life and I will continue to work with her to make my life a healthier one, not just for me, but for my family as well!”