“I’ve always wanted to have the kind of health journey I see on social media; where the person takes the journey seriously enough that they make their health their priority. In 2020, I thought exercise was the most important part of that health journey, and although I was doing an okay job, I wasn’t fully confident in what I was doing. Fast-forward to November of 2023, my 6-month checkup with my PCP comes about, we’re almost done with the appointment and she says “I don’t know what else to do for you. I am stumped on how to ‘solve’ the PCOS…” I brought up maybe going through a change in my diet and how I wanted to be mindful of my own health and she referred me to Sarah Lynn Nutrition. She tried to refer me previously, but I wasn’t in the frame of mind to try. So I decided to give it a go this time, and I’m so happy I did. I am down 20 pounds since November and I am also happier, in a healthier relationship with my view of my body, and I am not forcing myself to do any of it. I am moving my body more, and adding more fiber and protein to my diet. I’ve been able to experiment with different recipes of foods I probably wouldn’t have thought to try. This journey has been shared with my mom, too. We have decided to be accountability partners for each other and we’re both doing a great job. My motto for my life is: we deserve to have a higher quality of life by keeping ourselves healthy.”