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“When I started this journey I had expectations of weight loss and general better health. And although I have met those expectations something better has happened. With the right foods, my body is thriving. I feel better. There was a time when I felt like giving up. My friends and family beg me to persevere. At that point there really was no turning back no matter how much I wanted to. My taste buds had changed. With healthy eating came a change in tastes. I could now taste the chemicals in a lot of the foods I used to love. Sugar was no longer my friend or comforter. It made me feel tight and strange, simply off. I quickly learned food is fuel for my body. I used to eat for pleasure. Now I eat for fuel. I choose foods that feed my body, which gives me the energy to fuel my soul. Before this journey, I rarely exercised. I was sleeping my life away. Now I am up with the dawn and running full speed into whatever life throws at me. Although it has not always been easy, I would take this journey again. What a gift it has been for me and my family. They eat better now too.”


“I’ve always wanted to have the kind of health journey I see on social media; where the person takes the journey seriously enough that they make their health their priority. In 2020, I thought exercise was the most important part of that health journey, and although I was doing an okay job, I wasn’t fully confident in what I was doing. Fast-forward to November of 2023, my 6-month checkup with my PCP comes about, we’re almost done with the appointment and she says “I don’t know what else to do for you. I am stumped on how to ‘solve’ the PCOS…” I brought up maybe going through a change in my diet and how I wanted to be mindful of my own health and she referred me to Sarah Lynn Nutrition. She tried to refer me previously, but I wasn’t in the frame of mind to try. So I decided to give it a go this time, and I’m so happy I did. I am down 20 pounds since November and I am also happier, in a healthier relationship with my view of my body, and I am not forcing myself to do any of it. I am moving my body more, and adding more fiber and protein to my diet. I’ve been able to experiment with different recipes of foods I probably wouldn’t have thought to try. This journey has been shared with my mom, too. We have decided to be accountability partners for each other and we’re both doing a great job. My motto for my life is: we deserve to have a higher quality of life by keeping ourselves healthy.”


“I have been working with Megan for several months. At first, it was a weight loss goal that prompted to me reach out for your services. I had just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I really wanted to create as healthy of a diet as possible to maintain my overall health. I am a very active person who already follows a pretty strict diet. In working with Megan I started to become more open with her and explained many digestive and GI issues I have suffered from for several years as well as steady weight gain despite years of strict diet and a lot of exercise. She has worked with me, actually listened to me and believed me when I told her my symptoms and lifestyle and has actually come up with testing for things that no doctor had ever done. After years of trying to talk to my doctors about my symptoms and issues and not being listened to or just shrugged off I had all but given up hope. Megan has provided me with not only hope but tools to address the issues and has walked me through every step. She has even reached out to my Dr. on my behalf. I now feel like I’m on a path to understanding what has been happening in my body for years. Megan not only communicates so well during our sessions, but she truly puts thought into every session we have. She thoughtfully answers questions, gives food suggestions, supplement suggestions and genuinely seems to want to see me succeed and be healthy. Even though I am still working on resolutions to my health issues, I am so much further ahead than I have been in years. I really feel like she has put me on a path to success and good overall health. Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough.”


“When I first began meeting with Sarah, I was in an unhealthy relationship with food. Relying on restriction and failing to provide my body with the nutrients it needed. Sessions with Sarah have completely turned around my relationship with food and my body. Focusing on getting enough fuel and nutrients to carry me through the day & daily workouts. I now know the importance of choosing nutrient-dense foods while still eating the foods I enjoy without restriction. Sessions have also taught me how to choose healthy options while out to eat and at social events, giving me a sense of food freedom.”


“Erica is an amazing nutritionist. She was sympathetic to my symptoms and experience, and worked quickly to use all resources possible to figure out what was wrong. She is quick to reply and schedule appointments and I’ve never felt rushed at her office. I feel 100% confident with Erica as my nutritionist and she’s gotten me many answers that GI doctors were unable to. Would recommend her to anyone suffering from GI issues.”


“I’ve been working with Sarah since September 2021 and see her once a week. What a positive experience it has been for me. Sarah has taught me how to eat properly with portion control, how to keep track of the food going into my body as far as fiber, sugars, proteins, carbs, etc., and how to meal plan. My goal was to lose some pounds to feel better about my appearance, however, I feel so much better physically as well, which is amazing! She has guided me in an exercise regime as well which is something I was always doing but needed more support with. One big thing Sarah got me to do was give up my love of Diet Coke. I am no longer dependent on Diet Coke which I’ve been drinking for well over 20 years. I can have it occasionally and not feel like I ‘need’ it. I’m thankful Sarah has been brought into my life and I will continue to work with her to make my life a healthier one, not just for me, but for my family as well!”


“I have been working with Megan for several months now. Prior to coming to Sarah Lynn Nutrition I had developed GI issues, skin rashes and migraine. I went to multiple doctors, and specialists which gave me no answers. I was referred to Sarah Lynn. I immediately felt heard and understood. I had gotten the “anxiety can cause a lot of your issues” or it’s “IBS” and you will have to manage your symptoms prior to speaking with Megan. Megan listened to all of my complaints. She introduced me to specific diets that I had never been aware of prior. After weeks I began to notice improvements in many of my symptoms. Any questions I have Megan answers, she does research on different recipes options to fit my diet. I am still figuring out which foods work and which don’t work for my body but am making much progress in the right direction. I would highly recommend Megan.”


“Gut-related issues have plagued me my entire life- IBS, food intolerances, skin eruptions, stubborn weight gain, headaches, dental complications, anxiety, mood swings…the list goes on. It got to the point that everyday decisions, travel ideas, and even career choices were being determined by my gut health. I was desperate for answers and solutions. Within weeks of working with Erica, my outlook changed from desperation to hopeful. She methodically and persistently addressed one issue after another. When something didn’t work, she approached it another way. She is knowledgeable and stays current with recent research. Her documentation has changed the course of action of my other medical professionals. She is motivating, honest, and patient. Best of all, she is a true scientist. Thank you, Erica. It is because of you that my daily activities and my future plans are limitless. I can eat at restaurants, travel without worry and just generally feel good on a daily basis. It is because of you that my outlook has changed from desperate to hopeful to excited.”


“I started working with Sarah Lynn Nutrition in January of this year. It has been one on one with Courtney Moskal by Zoom due to distance and is covered by insurance. I heard Sarah talk at the YMCA in Auburn a couple times and finally decided to give it a try as a New Year’s resolution. Courtney has changed my life! As a nurse I was trained in nutrition 30 years ago but since becoming insulin-dependent last year for my diabetes needed many new ideas. I am fussy about eating and she made so many great suggestions regarding substitutions, brands to use, and portion sizes. I never thought I would eat like this but have lost 25 pounds now. I would suggest anyone who is on the fence to give it a try. What have you got to lose?”


“Berit has been essential to my success! I had been working on counting macros, toning up my body, and living a healthier lifestyle for over a year, but seen very little improvement. After 4 months with Berit, my waist dropped two inches, my cholesterol dropped over 50 points and I feel better than I ever have before. Thank you so much!”